5 minute with Ellis from Ellis Label

Rach: How old is your label and how did Ellis label come about? 
Prior to the launch of Ellis Label, we had originally been running as an online stockist of up-and-coming womenswear labels, mostly from Australia and the US. We decided to launch our own in-house brand in late 2017 to suffice pieces that we were missing in our store and our own personal wardrobes. It’s truly wild that it has grown to what it is today - Running Ellis Label is now our sole focus.

Rach: Where do you come up with the design inspiration? 
Anywhere and at all times of the day! I have a very busy mind but I do always find that whenever I’m by myself in my own quiet space, whether it is when I’m enjoying my daily walk or spending weekends away from home is where I gather my design thoughts the most.

Rach: I think it's amazing that you make all the clothes yourself. Do you think this is sustainable for you as a business? What are your plans for the brand over the next few years? 
I’m so lucky for our small team of makers that craft our pieces. I work with three other women, who are so good at what they do - Not many people know how small our team actually is! Every day, we voluntarily choose to slow down the pace of consumption and production while tracking our output. In the next few years, I would love to be able to manage our complete production system in-house and have a space where customers can come view and try on our pieces. 

Rach: What do you think is the future of fashion? Any thoughts about the industry? 
I love how the industry is so diverse and dynamic. There are so many smaller brands that are doing some cool things in their independent way. 
For the future, I really hope we all can work to produce fewer items with a longer lifespan - To only create items that truly matter.

Rach: Tell me your favourite piece in your collection at the moment, and why? 
The Klein maxi dress has been one of our go-to pieces over the last few months. The longer length makes it the perfect transition across all seasons, while the unique neckline makes it one of our statement pieces.


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