Operations & Retail Manager for CAUGHLEY


5 days a week

We are looking to hire a hard-working, dedicated and high energy Operations & Retail Manager to ensure the smooth and effective running of the in-store operations at CAUGHLEY. Their responsibilities include welcoming customers to our shop, monitoring customer activities, changing mannequins and displays accordingly, and processing customer refunds, store credits, and online orders. You should also be able to identify customers' needs and recommend suitable solutions for their wardrobe. 

To be a successful candidate, you should be well-organized, timely, have effective communication skills and achieve exceptional customer service at all times. You must have a huge amount of initiative, attention to detail and be willing to go the extra mile. CAUGHLEY is a high end boutique and we pride ourselves on intelligent customer service.


  • Receiving, processing, and organizing shipments and deliveries accordingly. This means adding new arrivals to Vend, pricing them, steaming them and putting them on the shopfloor on display. 
  • Restocking depleted or low stocked items and ensuring that the sales floor is organized according to guidelines. 
  • Assisting customers
  • Performing regular price audits to identify and correct price discrepancies
  • Performing regular inventory audits to identify and correct inventory discrepancies. 
  • Performing daily cleaning duties, which includes wiping down windows, mirrors and fixtures as well as vacuuming, emptying the rubbish bins and putting the rubbish out, making sure the flowers are fresh with clean water, being responsible for restocking bags, online bags, and e-ship labels. 
  • Addressing and resolving customer complaints in a professional manner through Instagram, Email, Tidio, and Facebook. 
  • Customer communication via the above channels, as well as reaching out and managing VIPs. 
  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of store items to provide advice and recommendations as needed. 
  • Monitors bellwether performance
  • Manages staff roster 
  • Manages wage information each fortnight
  • Merchandising and Mannequins
  • Vinyl on Windows
  • Organising in store and IG live events
  • Managing tailoring, lay buys and returns 


  • Proven retail experience
  • The ability to stand for extended periods
  • The ability to work in a fast pace environment 
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Detail orientated

This is a role for someone who believes in the following; 

  1. Being on Time
  2. Making An effort
  3. Being High Energy
  4. Having a positive attitude
  5. Being Passionate
  6. Using Good Body Language
  7. Being Coachable
  8. Doing a little extra
  9. Being Prepared
  10. Having a strong work ethic. 

If this sounds like you then please email a cover letter and CV to

We look forward to hearing from you!