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Rach's Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

I love to think about who I am supporting when I do my Christmas shopping. What women do I want to get behind, and what kind of world do I want to live in.

I like to think about how that purchase makes me feel. How long is that item going to last? And how will it be disposed of? Most of our brands in store are founded by women I have actually met and spent some time with. Most of them have children and are trying to do something cool for a better world as well as make a living out of it. I totally respect that!

Frances, at Abel Fragrance, has been working on her business for the last ten years, while raising two children. She is revolutionising the perfume industry with every scent being made by perfumiers in Paris, a husband and wife team who she now calls friends. They make the perfume solely from a plant, fungi or yeast. Most perfumes we know are made with micro plastics, that we spray on our skin, the largest organ in our body, to then absorb into our blood... argh! I'm in a hurry to get all the women I love onto natural perfume or a beautiful Abel Room Spray!

Emma, at Emma Lewisham, started her story when her mother sadly died from breast cancer and she realised the retinol she was using to minimise the pigmentation on her skin was actually toxic. She wanted to develop skincare that actually works, but is good for you and the planet. I love giving an Emma Lewisham sunscreen as a Christmas gift. It's a little bit of luxury but also super useful! As well as their Holiday Trio Glow sets, or a sleeping mask. Emma works incredibly hard and I definitely want to support all the great work she is doing!

All of our jewellery is by New Zealand women, it's something I am super proud of! Jasmin Sparrow, Charlotte Penman, Steph from Creeps & Violets, Grace from Baobei and Holly from Mars.

Our CAUGHLEY Tees always make a great present also. Everyone wants a fresh black and white tee for summer! Always fresh, always elegant.

Tanne, based in Auckland, has produced the most beautiful brand for your body, Tronque. We have been selling the Body Brushes just as much as the; Firming Butter, Vitamin C Oil, Scar Concentrate and Exfoliant.

I look at Christmas as rather a time of giving gifts for the sake of it, more a time to say thank-you and to be grateful for those you have in your life! Friends, family, neighbours, your local barista, colleagues, whoever it may be!

I hope you get some inspiration, and if not, I highly recommend supporting local and independently owned businesses this season!

Love Rach Caughley. x