Bonne Maison

Since 2012, Béatrice de Crécy the woman behind Bonne Maison, tells stories in between the shoe and the ankles. Made from a double thread 100% Egyptian cotton, and spun in such a way there are no short fibres in the material. Making the socks extra soft and strong. The dying is done in Italy and the sock is then made in France. It always starts with colours, kindling the desire to indulge in small moments of joy, when putting our socks on. 

Since 2012, Béatrice de Crécy the woman behind Bonne Maison tells stories in the designs of her socks. In these stories we come across, clowns, crowds, trapeze artists, nude women, birds, dogs, cats, snails, horses, mice, grasshoppers, snakes or monkeys. Living in mountainous, green and surrealist settings.  Imaginary landscapes, with polka-dots, stripes, but also peonies, carnations, iris, daisies, poppies and other wonders… A little world that wants to settle down, leap, flutter or spread along the feet. Beatrice believes if we don’t pay attention, feet end up sharing stories…

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