Mother's Day with Sarah Caughley

Mother's Day with Sarah Caughley

We sat down with Rachael Caughley's mother, Sarah Caughley, to chat about motherhood, her Winter rituals and what she's loving at CAUGHLEY right now.

Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother to two beautiful Grandchildren now Sarah! This is such a precious time. What is your top piece of advice for Rach being a now mum to two?

Sarah Caughley

Make sure you look after yourself first. You are going to be busier than ever. A walk on your own, fresh air, time for your own exercise. Make that your number one priority.

Watching Rach with her daughter must make you reflect on when she was that age! What's a favourite memory you have of Rach when she was younger?

Sarah Caughley

She was my little helper, and just so easy. She loved coming with me wherever I was going.

You have always had killer style, what are your must-have pieces at CAUGHLEY right now?

Sarah Caughley

Good jeans, the CAUGHLEY Coat, I am just so thrilled with the big long CAUGHLEY Coat for the winter. Love it. I feel like I can throw that on over anything and feel warm and stylish. I always love and wear cashmere jerseys everyday in the winter. So I wear Laing just about everyday. I just got the Gibson tee from Harris Tapper too, I will take that overseas with me this Winter.

Sarah styles the Laing Sam Cashmere Crew with the Citizens of Humanity Vidia Jeans and Samsoe Samsoe Emma Boots

Winter is approaching fast! What are your Winter rituals that get you through the cooler months?

Sarah Caughley

My main thing about the first month of Winter is that it is the best time to plant trees, so I get excited about that. I like to think I plant about five trees a week during this time, as we have ten acres and I want to turn it into a wilderness for birds and bees. Then when it gets really cold, I like a holiday to look forward to in July/August. Either skiing or somewhere hot. I also like to think about having family and friends to stay on the weekends throughout winter, and get lovely big fires going. Because I hate being cold, but I love having people around me.

Sarah styles the Harris Tapper Brixton Shirt and Irving Pants

Sarah styles the Lova Shirt and Vidia jeans from Citizens of Humainty

Sarah Styles the Samsoe Samsoe Haven Blazer and Haveny Pants

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