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Founded by mother-daughter duo Natalie and Michelle Procter, Mina is proudly designed from their Grey Lynn studio and crafted by a small team of local women who share the same values that underpin the brand's slower approach to design and high regard for the construction of a garment. 

With the intention of keeping customers at the forefront of the design process, Mina releases limited capsules throughout the year as it promotes a 'buy less, buy well' lifestyle. Comprising of timeless classics and wardrobe staples intended to be worn for years to come, each collection is seasonless and designed to seamlessly integrate in with the brand's previous offerings. 

A playful affair of vibrancy and joy

Full of zest for life, it comes alive in an explosion of energetic colour with a palette consisting of emerald, tangerine, coriander and cobalt. "In celebration of the optimism for the upcoming season, I was reminiscing about verdant orchards, ripe summer fruit, morning swims and picnics on the lawn while designing this collection", says Natalie. 


Q: What made you decide to start Mina? Tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: I launched Mina back in December 2017 after finishing my fashion degree at Massey University in Wellington. I was lucky enough to go on a trip to India where we followed a 'seed to garment' process. It opened my eyes to the reality of the fashion industry and how important and valuable our local NZ made industry is. I wanted to create a brand that supported our talented industry here in New Zealand, whilst being a brand that really puts its people first. Both its makers, its community, customers and suppliers. We continue to build our brand on pillars of kindness, authenticity and respect to all those we work with!
Q: What’s your favourite piece in the new collection and why?
A: Oo thats a hard one, I have so many favourites in this summer collection. I’ve found my love for colour and there’s so much of it this season. The Manifest Jumpsuit in Emerald is probably my go to piece from this collection. It's super fun but also has so much ease. It's a complete look really, one outfit, no fuss.

Q: Who is the woman you have in mind when creating your designs? Who is the Mina Woman?
A: She’s not determined by age but style. She likes to dress with ease and a no fuss mentality but loves to put an outfit together. Silhouettes that flatter but never restrict and pieces that don’t age with trends and instead, become pieces you can't help but grab from the wardrobe again and again.
Q: You have a strong emphasis on natural fabrics. Why do you find these materials superia?
A: You just can’t beat the feel of natural fabrics on your body. They allow your body to breathe, they don’t restrict you like a synthetic fabric which means less sweating, so, less cleaning. With great care, natural fabrics can carry you through season after season and only age beautifully with wear.

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